Watson on Letterman

Watson on Letterman

jude law as dr watson in the 2009 sherlock holmes movie
Last night I watched David Letterman interview Jude Law about his role as Dr. John Watson in the new Sherlock Holmes move set for Christmas release in the United States.

(Did I mention that I have tickets for the first showing Christmas Day morning? I am so very excited about the release of the new Sherlock Holmes movie!)

Okay, enough of that…on to the Letterman show.

It was…okay. Not too dynamic and a bit of a disappointment for Sherlock Holmes fans who tuned in especially to see the interview. Jude was willing to get excited about his role and the movie, but Letterman was not.

Letterman asked trite questions while Jude did his best to express his excitement about the movie and his role in it. I also watched the video of the red carpet premier in London and saw the same zeal for the movie and his part in it.

Jude expressed his vision about the movie that at its heart, it is a fast moving adventure wherein Holmes and Watson have to live together much as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or the Odd Couple. It could be that it is a combination of both.

He sees Watson as a decorated soldier with the intestinal fortitude of a soldier who had to get his hands dirty.

Aside from his insight into the character of Watson, he said the movie included some fantastic historical areas and amazing set dressings.

Letterman asked if he had read Sherlock Holmes as a kid. Jude replied that while most English boys grow up reading Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s stories, his first encounter with Sherlock Holmes was when he appeared as in The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place at the age of 16. The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place was an installment in the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes television series which aired in 1991.

Perhaps David Letterman is not a Sherlock Holmes fan, or maybe he was distracted by thoughts of the holidays. Whatever contributed to his lack of enthusiasm for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, I am not going to let his attitude damper my excitement. What are your plans for seeing the movie?

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