The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

the triumph of sherlock holmes

Released in 1935, The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, The Valley of Fear. In the beginning of the movie, we find Holmes comfortably spending his retirement in Sussex. However, his retirement is short lived as he and Watson are called upon to investigate the murder of John Douglas at Birlstone Castle.

Douglas appears to be a country gentleman, but as the story unfolds through a flashback told by his widow, we find that he was a Pinkerton agent. He was assassinated by an American gangster hired by Holmes arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty. And the killing seems to be tied to a secret American society of coal-miners called the Scowlers.

As usual, Holmes’ methods baffle Watson and Lestrade, but his results astonish them.

This is Arthur Wontner’s fourth appearance as Sherlock Holmes. He is joined by Ian Fleming as Dr. John Watson. Other members of the cast include Lyn Harding as Professor Moriarty, Leslie Perrins as John Douglas, Jane Carr as Ettie Douglas, Charles Mortimer as Inspector Lestrade, Minnie Rayner as Mrs. Hudson, Michael Shepley as Cecil Barker, Ben Welden as Ted Balding, Roy Emerton as Boss McGinty, Conway Dixon as Ames, Wilfrid Caithness as Col. Sebastian Moran, Edmund D’Alby as Capt. Marvin, Ernest Lynds asJacob Shafter.

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