Sherlock Holmes & The Speckled Band

Sherlock Holmes & The Speckled Band

sherlock holmes the speckled band

The Speckled Band was released in 1931 and involves a young woman named Helen Stoner who consults the detective Sherlock Holmes about the suspicious death of her sister, Julia.

Julia had been engaged to be married and earlier in the evening of the night of her death, the sisters had been discussing the wedding day. Afterwards, Julia suddenly appears in Helen’s bedroom, gasping for breath. Before she died, she uttered the words “The Speckled Band!”

Suspicion falls on Dr. Grimesby Rylott, the girls’ dark and violent stepfather. It seems that if Julia had married, she would have been entitled to a substantial annual allowance from her parents’ estate. An allowance that would have left her stepfather in dire financial straits.

Now Helen is engaged to be married and she too is in line for an annual allowance. She fears that she may share the fate of her sister when her stepfather orders her to move into Julia’s old bedroom where the bed is bolted to the floor.

Sherlock Holmes, played magnificently by Raymond Massey is assisted in solving the crime by Dr. John Watson, played by Athole Stewart. Other cast members include Lyn Harding as Dr. Grimesby Rylott, Angela Baddeley as Helen Stonor, Nancy Price as Mrs. Staunton, Marie Ault as Mrs. Hudson, Joyce Moore as Violet Stonor, Franklyn Bellamy as Alaine, Ivan Brandt as Curtis, Stanley Lathbury as Rodgers and Charles Paton as the Builder.

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