Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four

Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four

sherlock holmes and the sign of four

The Sign of Four – Sherlock Holmes’ Greatest Case was released in 1932 and starred Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes and Ian Hunter as Dr. John Watson.

In this film, a frightened young woman named Mary Morstan is being menaced by an escaped murderer and turns to Holmes and Watson for protection. The killer is looking for a stolen treasure and revenge on the man who took it. Now he’s at Mary’s door and Holmes and Watson must look for answers in a freakish carnival filled with pygmies and tattooed men. When Mary is kidnapped, they must penetrate the city’s criminal underworld to find her in a desperate race against time.

Mary is played by Isla Bevan. Other members of the cast include Graham Soutten as Jonathan Small, Miles Malleson as Thaddeus Sholto, Herbert Lomas as Major John Sholto, Gilbert Davis as Det. Insp. Atherly Jones, Margaret Yarde as Mrs. Smith, Roy Emerton as the The Tattoed Man, Mr. Burnhett as the Tattoo Artist, Charles Farrell as a Funfair Patron, Clare Greet as Mrs. Hudson, Moore Marriott as Mordecai Smith, Edgar Norfolk as Captain Morstan, Kynaston Reeves as Bartholomew Sholto, Ernest Sefton as Barrett and Togo as Tonga.

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