Sherlock Holmes – Dressed to Kill

Sherlock Holmes – Dressed to Kill

sherlock holmes dressed to kill

Sherlock Holmes – Dressed to Kill was released in 1946.

At the start of the movie, a thief is convicted and imprisoned at Dartmoor Prison. While there, he creates music boxes – three of them are identical as a sign. Each one holds a clue to the location of stolen Bank of England printing plates.

The music boxes end up at an auction house where they are sold to three different unsuspecting people. One of the purchasers is Watson’s old schoolmate and music box collector, Julian “Stinky” Emery. When Emery is murdered and the only thing stolen is the simple music box he had purchased at the auction, Holmes becomes suspicious.

After a second murder, Holmes and Watson begin their investigation. They soon begin to realize that the musical boxes contain more than just a swaggering Australian folk tune and face off against a mysterious woman and her accomplices.

Other cast members include: Patricia Morison as Mrs. Hilda Courtney, Edmund Breon as ‘Stinky’ Emery, Frederick Worlock as Colonel Cavanaugh, Carl Harbord as Inspector Hopkins, Patricia Cameron as Evelyn Clifford, Holmes Herbert as Ebenezer Crabtree, Harry Cording as Hamid, Leyland Hodgson as the Tour Guide, Mary Gordon as Mrs. Hudson, Ian Wolfe as the Commissioner of Scotland Yard, Frank Baker as the Photographer, Guy Bellis as the Doctor, Wilson Benge as the Minister on museum tour, Marjorie Bennett as the Antique Shop Assistant, Ted Billings as a Pub extra, Lillian Bronson as the Minister’s wife, Tom Dillon as Detective Sergeant Thompson, Topsy Glyn as the Kilgour child, Charlie Hall as the Cab Driver, Olaf Hytten as Alfred, the auction house bookkeeper, Boyd Irwin as the Detective with x-ray photos, Tiny Jones as the Pub extra, Guy Kingsford as the Scotland Yard undercover convict, Wallace Scott as Joe Cisto, Anita Sharp-Bolster as the Teacher on the museum tour and Sally Shepherd as the Tobacconist.

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