Sherlock Holmes & The Woman In Green

Sherlock Holmes & The Woman In Green

sherlock holmes and the woman in green

Sherlock Holmes and the Woman In Green was released in 1945 and is considered one of the best of the 1940s Sherlock Holmes film series from Universal Studios.

Several young women have been murdered and Londoners fear that a serial killer is on the loose. Holmes (played by Basil Rathbone) and Watson (played by Nigel Bruce) join forces with Scotland Yard to investigate the bizarre murders in which the victims’ right forefingers have been severed.  Holmes believes the murders are not done by a deranged serial killer, but are part of a larger scheme.

Lord Fenwick becomes a suspect after his daughter brings a woman’s finger that she saw her father bury in the family’s garden to Baker Street. This trail becomes a dead end when Lord Fenwick is also murdered.  After his death, it is discovered that there is 10,000 pounds missing from his bank account leading Holmes to believe that blackmail is involved.

Before he died, Lord Fenwick was seen by Holmes in the company of a beautiful and mysterious woman. Holmes hunts her down and finds that she belongs to a society of hypnotists that have connections to the strange Dr. Simnell who has a fetish for mutilating dolls with a scalpel, and Holmes’ old nemesis, Professor Moriarty.

Other cast members include: Hillary Brooke as Lydia, Henry Daniell as Professor Moriarty, Paul Cavanagh as Fenwick, Matthew Boulton as Inspector Gregson, Eve Amber as Maude, Frederick Worlock as Onslow, Coulter Irwin as Corporal Williams of the British Army, Sally Shepherd as Crandon, Mary Gordon as Mrs. Hudson, Eve Ashley as the Background woman, John Burton as Waring, Harold De Becker as the Shoelace Seller, Leslie Denison as Vincent – Barman at Pembroke House, Tony Ellis as Carter – the Hypnotized Subject, Kay Harding as the 4th Victim, Alec Harford as Commissioner of the CID, Ivo Henderson as the Constable, Tommy Hughes as the Newsman, Colin Hunter as the Constable, Olaf Hytten as Norris, Fenwick’s butler, Boyd Irwin as the short-tempered officer closing window, Kermit Maynard as the man at the Scotland Yard Conference, Eric Mayne as the Member of Mesmer Club, William H. O’Brien as the Pembrook House Waiter, Violet Seaton as Nurse Mowbray at Mesmer House, Arthur Stenning as the Mesmer Club Porter and Percival Vivian as Dr. Simnell.

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