Sherlock Holmes & The Secret Weapon

Sherlock Holmes & The Secret Weapon

sherlock holmes the secret weapon

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon was released in 1943 and is based on the novel “The Dancing Men” written by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle.

Set during WWII, the story has Holmes, played by Basil Rathbone, and Watson, played by Nigel Bruce, working for the British government. The movie starts with Holmes rescuing scientist Dr. Franz Tobel out of Switzerland to prevent the GESTOPO from getting him.

Dr. Tobel has invented a highly accurate bomb site that the Allies want to keep from the Nazis and use themselves. Once in England, Dr. Tobel disappears and Holmes finds himself once again fighting his old nemesis, Professor Moriarty. All he and Watson have to go on is a coded message left behind by Dr. Tobel.

Other cast members include: Lionel Atwill as Professor James Moriarty, Kaaren Verne as Charlotte Eberli, William Post Jr. as Dr. Franz Tobel, Dennis Hoey as Inspector Beth Lestrade, Holmes Herbert as Sir Reginald Bailey, Mary Gordon as Mrs. Martha Hudson, Rudolph Anders as Braun, Whit Bissell as the London Bobby, Veda Ann Borg as the Bar singer, Paul Bryar as the Swiss waiter, John Burton as the RAF officer, Vicki Campbell as the Woman RAF pilot, Gerard Cavin as the Scotland Yard man, Harry Cording as Jack Brady, James Craven as the RAF officer watching bombsight test, Harold De Becker as Peg Leg, Leslie Denison as Bobbie, George Eldredge as the Policeman outside Durer’s, Paul Fix as Mueller, Leyland Hodgson as the RAF officer, Guy Kingsford as the Foot patrolman, George Burr Macannan as Gottfried, Michael Mark as George, Henry Victor as Professor Frederick Hoffner and Harry Woods as Kurt.

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