Murder at the Baskervilles

Murder at the Baskervilles

sherlock holmes murder at the baskervilles

Murder at the Baskervilles was first released in 1937 in England with the title Silver Blaze. It was renamed Murder at the Baskervilles and released in America in 1941. This is Arthur Wontner’s last portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

In this film, Sherlock Holmes travels to the West Country to see his old friend Sir Henry Baskerville. His visit suddenly turns deadly when Silver Blaze, a prized race horse is stolen and his groom murdered. Holmes discovers the steed on a nearby farm disguised with painted spots. Although everyone else suspects Jack Trevor, a young horseman involved with Baskerville’s daughter, Diana, Holmes knows that his old nemesis Professor Moriarty is the real culprit.

Now Holmes and Dr. Watson, played by Ian Fleming, have got to find Professor Moriarty and the horse Silver Blaze before the great cup final horse race.

Other cast members include Lyn Harding as Professor Moriarty, John Turnbull as Inspector Lestrade, Robert Horton as Col. Ross, Lawrence Grossmith Sir Henry Baskerville, Judy Gunn as Diana Baskerville, Arthur Macrae as Jack Trevor, Arthur Goullet as Col. Sebastian Moran, Martin Walker as James Straker, Eve Gray as Mrs. Mary Straker, Gilbert Davis as Miles Stanford, Minnie Rayner as Mrs. Hudson, D.J. Williams as Silas Brown, Ralph Truman as Bert Prince, O.B. Clarence as the Estate Agent, Syd Crossley as Sam Silver, Danny Green as Barton, Moriarty’s Henchman, Aubrey Mallalieu as the Doctor at Stables and Ronald Shiner as Simpson, the Stable Boy.

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