Sherlock Holmes Online Game–221B

Sherlock Holmes Online Game–221B

time is of the essence Sherlock Holmes Online Game–221B

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson fans can match their wits against a gang of jewel thieves in a new online game called 221B.

Joining the ranks of many previously published Sherlock Holmes games, 221B is a FaceBook application and once you have determined whether you will play Holmes or Watson, you invite one of your FaceBook friends to help you with the case by playing the other character.

The game is an obvious promotion of Warner’s new Sherlock Holmes movie set for Christmas release and starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson. Promotion or not, this game is fun!

Upon release of 221B, Sue Kroll, president of Warner Bros Pictures Worldwide Marketing said, “Due to the iconic stature of Sherlock Holmes across the globe, we wanted to offer moviegoers the opportunity to enter Holmes’ world. In addition to seeing the movie’s trailers and other content, fans can actually interact as one of the main characters and test the same skills that Holmes and Watson need in the movie, using the most stunning new technology available.”

The game combines crisp images, video commentary, and allows you to interact with the game’s characters including letting you ask your own questions. Study the evidence, search the crime scenes, score for clues and use your intuition and puzzle solving skills to solve the crime.

Go play 221B now…but before you go may I ask, are you a Holmes or a Watson? The answer may surprise you, it did me!

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2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes Online Game–221B

    1. Sadly, the link no longer goes to the game. It seems that once the movies was released Warner Brothers pulled the game. The link goes to their Sherlock Holmes site that promotes the movie. It’s a shame really. I don’t understand why they didn’t leave the game available.

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