Sherlock Holmes Music

Sherlock Holmes Music

sherlock holmes 2009 movie music soundtrack hans zimmer

The Sherlock Holmes original movie soundtrack is now available!

I love the musical scores from movies as they let me enjoy the music while I reminisce about my favorite parts of the movie. And, the recently released Sherlock Holmes movie score does not disappoint.

The soundtrack to the new Sherlock Holmes movie features the works of composer Hans Zimmer. As discussed in the post, Sherlock Holmes Movie Original Score, Hans Zimmer is an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Grammy Award winner, is the musical soundtrack composer for this score. You may know of him from his other work on the scores for Angels and Demons, Gladiator, The Lion King, The Da Vinci Code and Rain Man and many others.

Teaming up with director Guy Ritchie, Zimmer chose to create a very experimental score and by his own admission it is a little out there. The score matches the humorous, quirky style of the film and employs Irish and gypsy-influenced instrumentation, including banjos, fiddles, accordions, and North African percussion. The songs have so many different elements and they match Ritchie’s interpretation of Holmes perfectly while enhancing the film’s action.

This is a small score compared to many of Zimmer’s previous movie scores and all of the music is performed by Zimmer’s favorite soloists. Zimmer chose not to use a large orchestra as is traditional with most movie scores. Instead he felt that the emotion of the individual musicians would come through in ways that would not be seen with a large ensemble.

The title for each track is creatively a quote from the movie. The one thing that is disappointing is that their order on the album does not match the order in which they appeared in the movie. You can see a complete list of the songs included on Sherlock Holmes Movie Original Score.

As you can hear in this video, Discombobulate, the main theme from Sherlock Holmes is quirky and is performed by an odd arrangement of instruments, usually an assortment of plucked and bowed strings, but also including the cimbalom, banjo and accordion.

This gives you just one taste of the amazing music Zimmer produced for this movie.

Listen to the Sherlock Holmes Movie Soundtrack and buy the enhanced Sherlock Holmes CD, the Sherlock Holmes MP3 album or even the individual Sherlock Holmes MP3 songs that are your favorites.

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