Sherlock Holmes Movie Posters 2009

Sherlock Holmes Movie Posters 2009

Sherlock Holmes Poster

Although we must wait for the movie’s release, there are two movie posters for the new Sherlock Holmes movie available now.

The first movie poster features Robert Downey, Jr. as the infamous Sherlock Holmes. This artistic rendition shows a rather scruffier looking Sherlock Holmes than the traditional dapperness depicted with earlier Sherlock Holmes likenesses. Still, Sherlock Holmes stands firm and confident against a background of old London swirling with fog.

jude law as dr watson in the 2009 sherlock holmes movie

The second movie poster is of course of Jude Law as the dependable Dr. John Watson. Dr. Watson is also presented with a dark and foggy looking London town in the background. The artist chose to show a very serious and intent Dr. Watson in this poster.

Each poster measure 27 inches by 40 inches. They are double sided and come rolled.

Whether you are a Sherlock Holmes fan or a Robert Downey Jr. fan, you will want to buy the Sherlock Holmes movie poster now to enjoy while you wait for the movie’s Christmas Day release. Or perhaps it is Dr. Watson or Jude Law that you want to hang on your wall. Then you will want to buy the Dr. Watson movie poster.

If you have trouble making up your mind about which one to buy, go ahead and consider getting both of them. These movie posters are truly works of art.

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