Sherlock Holmes London Debut

Sherlock Holmes London Debut

sherlock holmes movie debut at the Empire Leicester Square Cinema
Empire Leicester Square Cinema

I’ve just finished watching a video of the Sherlock Holmes World Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals at the Empire Theatre in London. Hundreds of fans braved the cold to stand behind barricades as the main players in the production of the film arrived.

On hand were Robert Downey Jr. who plays Sherlock Holmes accompanied by his wife Susan Downey also one of the producers of the film. Other actors included Jude Law who plays Dr, John Watson, Rachel McAdams who plays Irene Adler, Mark Strong who plays Lord Blackwood and Kelly Reilly who plays Watson’s love interest Mary Morstan.

Of course director Guy Ritchie attended as well as producer Joel Silver.

Robert Downey Jr. was very low keyed when asked about how he felt being Sherlock Holmes. He replied, “I don’t really work that way. I had a job to do as did everyone else. And I had really had fun making this movie”

Susan Downey was more enthused and said that viewers are in for a pleasant surprise. While all of the trailers and previews have focused on the action, she said there is at the heart of the movie a real mystery and a lot of intelligence goes into solving that mystery.

Jude Law seemed to have loved playing Watson. He was quite prolific in discussing the good doctor. He feels that Watson is through and through a military man and very stubborn. He added that, “At the end of the day he still wants a little adventure, but knows he needs to settle down.”

Joel Silver said that the movie stays true to the original stories but with a fresh approach. And while set in the Victorian Era, there is a contemporary feel to the movie.

While I’m waiting to hear the reviews, I have just bought my own tickets for the movie release here in the States on Christmas Day. We’re all set to watch the first showing of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, a lovely Christmas gift don’t you think?

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