The Awakened Game

The Awakened Game

sherlock holmes game the awakened

The Awakened is one of the Sherlock Holmes games whose story is faithful to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters, but this is no tale that he ever wrote. Although not his words, this spooky story is skillfully told in true Conan Doyle style.

In your role as Sherlock Holmes, you will be assisted by your faithful assistant Dr. John Watson in investigating a mysterious series of disappearances. Traveling the world, you’ll uncover macabre clues that will soon reveal that a dark sect of Cthulhu worshippers is responsible for the disappearances. You will need your wits, powers of observation and logic to track down this supernatural cult.

This game is not for the unobservant and has a degree of difficulty. In order to solve the mystery and stop cultists from setting off Cthulhu’s alarm clock, you must truly act in the manner of Sherlock Holmes. You must be very observant of all of your surroundings from the smallest scraps of material to the more obvious items like desks that need a closer look. Some things will be seen immediately as you scan your environment while others will require that you use your magnifying glass to uncover the clue.

However, the game is not all about collecting clues and evidence to be examined back at the lab. You will also need to solve puzzles along your journey, create makeshift weapons, and participate in some typical adventure game shenanigans.

Throughout your investigation, you will be challenged right up until the meeting between Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulhu myth. The Awakened ultimately delivers an astonishing confrontation between the rational and the supernatural.

The Awakened is a must-play game for Sherlock Holmes fans and mystery lovers, especially those with a fascination for the supernatural.

The Awakened is available as an immediate download – you can even download a sample version first to play for an hour to get a taste of the game.

download the sherlock holmes awakened game

The Awakened is also available for PC for Windows, Windows XP and Windows Vista in a hard copy that will be shipped to you.

The Awakened has also been released in DVD format for Windows XP.

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