New Sherlock Holmes Posters

New Sherlock Holmes Posters

New Sherlock Holmes Movie posters have been released by Warner Brothers.  They are done in similar artistic style to the first Sherlock Holmes movie posters released, but are longer and narrower. Some say that the the proportions are off, but I think that it is all in keeping with the mystique and uniqueness of the movie.

Sherlock Holmes Poster

jude law as dr watson in the 2009 sherlock holmes movie

irene adler poster

blackwood poster from sherlock holmes movie

Movie posters have a certain romantic quality to them especially when done in an artistic style like the ones for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I wonder what Robert Downey, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong think of them?

Movie posters have been created for every Sherlock Holmes film produced – you can read more about them on the Movie Posters page.

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