Mistakes on Sherlock Holmes Movie

Mistakes on Sherlock Holmes Movie

As reported by Jalapenoman on The Spoof there were mistakes made on the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Robert Downey Jr. has admitted that several mistakes and inconsistencies crept into the new “Sherlock Holmes” movie. The film, scheduled for release on Christmas Day in the United States, is loosely based on the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Yes, we had a few historical inaccuracies,” admitted Downey. “For example, I shouldn’t have been wearing an Iron Man t-shirt.”

“I also understand that the giant Ferris wheel, I forget what it was called,” was not in London in the last century and that we should not have filmed a pivotal fight scene there.”

“A few historians have also said that Sherlock Holmes should not have had a Rolling Stones poster on his wall or have been playing an original Les Paul guitar. In fact, they tell me that he really played the violin, but that would have been hard since I don’t do that.”

“A few people have also gotten mad about the scene where Holmes and Watson have a pizza delivered and stay home to watch a ball game.”

“In retrospect, Holmes should not have sent Scotland Yard a text message about where to meet him.”

“They also tell me that he would not have used expressions like gnarly, dude, far out, cool, or bitchin’.”

“If people had told us these things before filming, we might have been able to fix it. As it goes, well, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

See how many of these mistakes you catch when you watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

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