The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes was published in 1927, and contains 12 stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle and published between 1921 and 1927.

For clarification – when the book was released in Britain, it was titled “The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.” At the same time in the United States it was released as “The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes.” Subsequent versions were published with the title, “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.”

The stories included are as follows:

“The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone” (told in third-person)
“The Problem of Thor Bridge”
“The Adventure of the Creeping Man”
“The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire”
“The Adventure of the Three Garridebs”
“The Adventure of the Illustrious Client”
“The Adventure of the Three Gables”
“The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier” (narrated by Holmes)
“The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane” (narrated by Holmes)
“The Adventure of the Retired Colourman”
“The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger”
“The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place”

The book contains a wonderful mini biography of Arthur Conan Doyle as well as a delightful preface from him.

Here in its entirety is “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.” I hope you enjoy reading it. If you prefer to hold a real book in your hands, buy a copy of “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes“.

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